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Build a Billy Cart - Adventures for little heroes.

Nearly everyone has a billy cart story to tell, they are necessary part of childhood. They are the ‘go to’ fun time toy. Every kid’s imagination races with feeling the wind in their hair as they fly down giant mountains and take the curve of the road on to wheels. Hours and hours of running, pushing, pulling, focus, racing your mates and exaltation are what is in store when you have built your own billycart.

This billycart is fun and easy to make - this build your own wooden kit billycart is designed for all to enjoy and your billycart is ready to go - in one hour!

The only tools you will need are in your toolbox. All you need is a drill with a drill bit, screw driver, two spanners (borrow one from your neighbour if you only have one), a pair of pliers, a hammer and paint if you want to be creative!

Will carry weight up to 50 kilos.

Build a Billy Cart

Your speedy little hero won't be disappointed with this rugged vehicle. Their very own billy cart built for all kinds of terrain… and fast! It takes just 1 hour to put together. Build a billy cart today.

Kit Building Instructions

Instructions for the Billy Cart are available for your convenience. Build your own Billy Cart. These wooden kits are great starters for anyone who wants to build a toy with children.


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